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Locus Design Group (LDG) provides a diverse range of architectural services supported by over thirty years of experience in the architecture, engineering, and construction fields. Established by Principal Architect Dave R. Boyle, A.I.A., LDG strives to provide sensible design solutions in our projects providing our clients with results that exceed their expectations. We listen to our clients. We build an understanding of their needs and preferences, and work together to generate solutions. LDG goes the extra mile to provide well documented designs to reduce issues during construction and further provide the support during construction that exceed expectations. Our architects have been involved in the AEC industry for over 30 years building extensive experience in all areas of architectural design, drawings production and construction contract administration. While others focus on one or the other, Locus Design Group provides great design and exceptional service. We also provide a range of non-traditional architectural services including property conditions assessments, ADA and accessibility surveying and evaluations, construction detailing, design rendering, as-built surveying and documentation, production residential drafting, zoning studies, site planning, variance applications and more.


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